Chronic Pain Rights & Responsibilities

Laughing, Loving, and Living With Chronic Pain and Illness

Contact Us—Share Your Story Ideas

Contact Us—Share Your Story Ideas. As a sufferer of chronic and intractable pain myself, and an Ambassador for US Pain Foundation, I feel compelled to address the “elephant in the room” of American health care…chronic pain. The stereotype of people in pain as lazy, useless members of society, who “get high” and don’t try to get better has got to stop. We, the people who struggle with every breath of every day, are the ones who now also have to fight this fight. We have to stand up to the bullies of the government, corporations, and media, who perpetuate stereotypes which have become so socially acceptable that for the most part, compassion no longer exists. If children or pets in America were being treated the way that chronic pain patients are (denied care, accused of being criminals, and countless more human rights violations) we as a society would NEVER put up with it. We would be outraged, we would protest, we would make our voices heard until the poor children or animals were treated with the compassion they deserved. So, why aren’t we doing the same for adult human beings, who have been our parents, teachers, and even health care providers who so desperately need help?


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